Participants: 35.100

Funds raised: 550.000 euro

Contributed to:
L.I.L.T. – Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori (Florence Cancer Association) supporting Ce.Ri.On. Centro Riabilitazione Oncologica (Oncology Center in Florence);
FILE – Fondazione Italiana di Leniterapia (palliative care association);
DAMA 25 – Women 25 A program sponsored by ISPO – (the Institute for Oncological Studies and Prevention ) to promote and improve both the dietary habits and the physical activities in high risk young women, in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer;
TECNICA 3D A RISPIRO TRATTENUTO – 3D Breathing techniques – a program for reducing the risk of heart damage in women with breast cancer tumors in the left breast and who are subject to radiotherapy. (this program is sponsored by the National Health Department number 10 of Florence);
APP LILT FLORENCE – APP Italian Cancer Association – for preventive health care by screening and assisting patients in collaboration with ISPO – (the Institute for Oncological Studies and Prevention Florence) and the Florentine National health services for removal of small breast neoplasms;
BREAST LESION EXCISION SYSTEM (BLES) created by the University Teaching Hospital of Careggi.