1.Programme and Information:

Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS organises ‘Corri la Vita’, a recreational event with two itineraries (one of about 11 km and the other of about 6 km) over a town route, with LILT (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori – the Italian League against Cancer), Associazione Provinciale di Firenze (the Florence Provincial Association) and Maratona di Firenze (the Florence Marathon).

Date, meeting point and end of route:
The 20th edition of Corri la Vita takes place in Florence on Sunday 2 October 2022 with the start at 9.15 am in Viale Lincoln, Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

The two routes of the event are shown below

A) LONG ROUTE (c. 10.5 km)

START 9.15 am
1 km   9.40 am
2 km 10.05 am
3 km 10.30 am
4 km 10.45 am  
5 km 11.00 am
6 km 11.15 am
7 km 11.30 am
8 km 11.45 am

There will be a volunteer from Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS with a card showing “END OF COURSE” with the passing times for the kilometres.

Participants who are behind at the “END OF COURSE” and go beyond the time limit for each kilometre must respect the Highway Code as closure of the streets can no longer be guaranteed.

B) SHORT ROUTE (c. 6.2 km)

Both routes will be considered as completed at 12.30 pm

2.How to take part:

As the initiative is recreational, and not competitive, participation is open to anyone (no classification, chips or prize winning ceremony).

To take part in the event, enrol on-line through the Corri la Vita website (, completing the enrolment sheet in full. Participants, both along the route and/or reaching cultural destinations, undertake to respect these regulations and all current legislation included but not limited to the current Highway Code and the legislation relating to the Covid emergency in force on the day of the event.


Persons interested can enrol from 1 September 2022 to 2 October 2022. Enrolment can only be made using the ways set out in the previous Point.

A minor can only be enrolled by a parent/guardian who must complete the relative sheet, respecting these regulations and in accordance with the above ways, assuming all responsibility.

Dogs may take part in the event while entrance of persons with animals to cultural centres is at the discretion of the owner/manager of the said centre as Associazione Corri la Vita cannot make any guarantees on this. On this point, Galleria degli Uffizi (Uffizi Gallery) does not permit the entrance of persons with animals to the Giardino di Boboli (Boboli Garden).

4.Corri la Vita 2022 T-shirts

A donation of at least Euro 10 (ten) must be made to Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS in the shops supporting the initiative or through on-line order in the ways listed on to obtain the official T-shirt of the event (while stocks last), offered by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Access to the area protected by barriers in Viale Lincoln, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, and the Boboli Garden is only permitted to persons enrolled in the event wearing the Corri la Vita 2022 T-shirt or who can provide proof of enrolment in Corri la Vita 2022.

5.Rules to respect while passing through the Boboli Garden

Participants are exclusively responsible for respecting the artistic and historic value of the Boboli Garden and everything it contains. Anyone taking part in the event who enters the Boboli Garden undertakes to respect all the health regulations in force on 2 October 2022, wearing the necessary devices (homologated protective masks) where required by the legislation in force on that date, permitting all checks (purely by way of example, measurement of body temperature) and preparing all the other measures required by the law in force at the time of the event (e.g. valid green pass/certification see Covid-19 ex Art. 9, sub-paragraph 21, Decree Laws 52/2021 and 105 of 23/7/2021 and subsequent amendments and supplements).

Participants in the event must undergo the security checks ordered by the Uffizi Gallery Management and/or the relevant authorities (e.g. metal detector, ‘brushing’, etc.) and cannot gain access to museum areas not directly involved in the event. Uffizi Gallery staff are authorised to check right of entry and the identity of people (to prevent access by unauthorised persons) and to prevent access to persons without right of entry.

Only persons wearing the Corri la Vita 2022 T-shirt or, in the absence of the T-shirt, those with documental proof of their enrolment in the said event will be admitted to the Boboli Garden.

  • Participants in the event must not deviate from its route nor can they access the Palazzo Pitti museum route;
  • Persons with animals are NOT allowed access;
  • Deviation from the route authorised by the Uffizi Gallery for the Boboli Garden is prohibited;
  • Access to the Cortile del Vento and adjoining Cortile dell’Ammannati of Palazzo Pitti is also prohibited;
  • Enrolment in the ‘Corri la Vita’ event does not in itself give any right to free entrance to the Uffizi Gallery museums;
  • Introduction of any means of transport, such as, included but not limited to, bicycles, scooters, etc. is prohibited.

6.Toilet and other useful facilities:

Chemical toilets will be available near to the start/finish area.

There will be two distribution points for bottles of water, while stocks last, in the Boboli Garden and arrival area. There will not be any type of catering along the 10 km route.

7.Health service:

The medical service and health assistance will be arranged by the co-ordinating committee of the Misericordie Fiorentine in co-operation with ANPAS.


Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS will only accept enrolments made in the ways indicated at Point 2 of these regulations.

Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS and all the bodies working with it are relieved of any liability for any damage and/or expenses (including legal costs) that may arise to the participant in the sports event, also as a result of any injuries and/or their state of health and/or their behaviour and/or that of others and/or damage to the property of others.

Participants state that they know and accept these regulations with their enrolment in the Corri la Vita event.

These regulations, the only ones in force, can be found and consulted on

As the result of the implementation of European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, persons enrolled in the event consent to the processing and communication of their personal data to Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS for purposes connected with the fulfilment of the event and any publication of its results, and also for its use by Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS and bodies and/or consultants working with Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS, always respecting the purposes of the said Association.

Enrolment in the event means that each person enrolled specifically authorises Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS to take photographs, films and use images depicting the participant during the event, also for the creation of videos, walls and notice boards, printed paper publications and the web (including downloads) with specific waiver of any right and/or claim, including economic ones.

Subject to specific consent, enrolment in the event means that each person enrolled authorises Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS to send information on subsequent events and/or initiatives proposed by Associazione Corri la Vita Onlus or also on other charitable initiatives promoted by bodies which aid and/or work with Associazione Corri la Vita Onlus, also through newsletters. 


Given the social and non-competitive nature of the event, neither verbal nor written complaints will be accepted.

10.Regulations (published on

The organisation reserves the incontestable right to make variations to these regulations and/or the route of the event at any time. 

11. Cancellation of the event

Associazione Corri la Vita reserves the incontestable right to cancel the event of 2 October 2022 at any time due to force majeure, included but not limited to situations linked to the Covid emergency. In this case, given the charitable purposes of the Associazione, participants in the event will not have any right to reimbursement nor can they make any claims on Associazione Corri la Vita ONLUS for any reason whatsoever.